Saturday, January 29, 2011

My little boy is 1!

I can't believe a year has come and gone so fast and how much Zackary has grown, changed, and developed his sweet personality. There's so many things to say about him, so I'll list my top 15 :)

1. He cuddles, and loves to be cuddled
2. He loves to have the back of his head rubbed he even does it himself when he's tired
3. He sucks his 2 middle fingers on the left hand
4. He carries things in his mouth. If it will fit he'll put it in and crawl around with it in his mouth.
5. He's very smiley and happy.
6. He LOVES food. If he could eat all day he would.
7. He's very patient with his sisters especially when they take toys away from him.
8. He's a mommy's boy (that's my favorite)
9. He eats a banana faster than I've seen any baby do ever! 1/2 banana gone in less then 30 sec. no joke either.
10. He loves the mechanics of things and will watch intently to see how things work. Just like his Grandpa Levi.
11. I love his curly hair, I hope it never goes away.
12. I love his sweet dipples he has 2 one on each cheek :)
13. Has some of the most beautiful blue eyes out of all our kids
14. Has the cutest laugh next to Emily.
15. Loves cars and how the rolls. He even does the raspberries when he moves them.

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