Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nicholas Graham

This has been one of my most difficult pregnancies, but I'm so very glad he's here and well. We feel extremely blessed that Heavenly Father has sent him to us. We feel that our family is finally complete with him in our lives. Normally I don't do pictures that the hospital offers, I think they are cheesy and they don't do justice for how we feel about our baby and how beautiful they are. This company call Bell Baby Photography is new to Alta View and when I saw their brochure I just HAD to do it. I was only going to do the 1 pose for $45 but ended up getting the CD because I just couldn't decide on which one I loved the most. I loved them ALL.

The previous post is just a few section of what we got. But with out further a do on the the labor story for those who want to know how everything went.

I was in preterm labor for about 2 weeks. My last appointment Tues. April 5, my dr said that I was still 4 cm and 80% so he was hoping that I would be in labor by this week, and told me he didn't want to see me next week :) all in jest of course, Jason was out of town for a work training meeting and he was flying in 12:20 am Wednesday the 6th. So while I was waiting, to pick him up @ the airport, the contractions, and back pain was kicking in. I just kept thinking this isn't it you've had 3 false alarms already, we're just going to go home.

When he landed I was literally in tears because of the pain, so we rushed to the hospital we got there @ 1 am, they checked me and I was still the same. I started to cry and was begging to be a 5, (that was my magic # to get to stay and have the baby). The nurse came back less than an hr later and said I was a 5!! Yay!!! I cried again, not only because I get to have him but because the pain OUCH!!! 3:00 am I got my epidural FINALLY!! Then I progressed to a 6 and stayed. Then at 6:30 the pitocin was started and I was feeling comfortable and relaxed, aaaahhh... 7:30 Dr. Smith came in a broke my water, from that point I was melting like butter and he was out @ 9:30. I refused to push until the dr was right there to catch him. Once he told me to push I just started and he yelled STOP... Nicolas was out in 1/2 a push, that was the shortest time I had to push any of my kids out at any given time. All went so, well and smoothly I just couldn't as for a better delivery and a more beautiful son.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I loved the birth story! I'm so glad he is here safe and sound! And I'm glad Jason made it for his birthday! April 6th is a very special day to be born. Thanks for sharing the story. He is such a beautiful baby. I can't wait to see all four of them lined up with their ages. You have such beautiful children. Congratulations!