Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zackary has thrush

This is a picture of Zackary's little sleeping buddy. If you ever want to know where Milky is at night 90% of the time she's in here

Poor little guy has thrush little white sores all over his mouth, and it's very uncomfortable to him :( he's also cutting his 2 front teeth, and every time he gives me a smile all I can think is "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." Lol! He will more than likely get them before then they've almost cut through. So on top of the thrush he's got teething issues. His doc gave him some antibiotics and he seems to be a little bit happier. He also weighed 19.6! My girls never weighed that much at that age he's just packing on the calories :)
The BIGGEST transition we've had thus far is FINALLY no MORE binkies!!! Emily has dropped the habit and hasn't asked for one in over a week!! Wahooo!!! Nap times are still a little rough but we are slowly getting back on schedule for that! Then we also moved ALL 3 kids into 1 room... yep they all sleep really well at night (for the most part & more often then not). We put each kid down separately so not to disturb the other but all of the kids are usually in bed before 10! And the work in progress right now is potty training Emily. She's sat on the potty several times today but hasn't had any accidents but... hasn't gone in the potty either but I will continually work on that because. I refuse to have 3 kids in diapers. And since this will be our last one about 99.9% sure about that, I'd really LOVE to be out of the diaper stage VERY soon :)

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  1. Wow all 3 in 1 room? That is impressive! Good luck with the potty training.