Monday, November 29, 2010


Well this is my 2nd trip to the ER this month ugh... the first one was for a UTI but that wasn't the reason I went in, in the first place. I was feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and couldn't really stand up for more than 5-10 mins before I started seeing "stars" per say. So they checked me all out to make sure that I didn't have early on set preclamsia (sp) which thankfully I didn't whew... but they discovered that I had small amounts of bacteria in my urine so they automatically treated me for a UTI. Wonderful.. oh well glad it was that and not the other.

Well Saturday night like 3am I was feeling SO nauseated and threw up I don't even know how many times, then all day Sunday, I started having back pains then pains where my right kidney is, so I called my on-call doc, and told her that I thought I might have a kidney infection and told her my symptoms and she said go in right away. And since I'm not 20 weeks yet that ment another $150 co-pay to the ER. They ran a bunch of tests and they all came back normal. Thankfully. but the urine was inconclusive, so they just gave me antibotics anyways to treat what they figured was another UTI. So still in pain :( but we'll see how I feel come Wed. HOPEFULLY better than I'm feeling right now. I was telling Jason why can't I just have a "normal" non hospital visits pregnancy. No problems, no nausea, no UTI's no nothing just normal. But then these things that are happening are just more proof that this IS & WILL be our LAST!


  1. better safe than sorry. My ER copay is $300, be happy yours is only $150 :)

  2. hehe very true but still stinks :) does Bristol really suck her thumb all the time or just occasionally? It's soo cute!