Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baby Names!

This time around Jason and I had a really hard time coming up with baby names. Usually we talk about it and we decide on a boy and girl name before we even get pregnant. First we decided (before we knew we were pregnant) We liked Landon, and Elsie as names. Elsie was Jason's Dad's Mother's name. And I really liked it but we could never agree on a middle name for either. So we scratched them both and went with... drum roll... :P

Eli Logan Porter
Sariah Nichole Porter

So far those are the names we've picked out and have liked but as we all know that can change, we still have 9 months left. But IF we have twins seeming how lots of people want to put that curse on us, then we'll have to come up with another set of names. But as of right now, my FIRST doctor appt. is Oct 5, and they WILL do an ultrasound at that time. I have been feeling more sick, tired, "bloated" for lack of better words. I don't fit my regular pants which makes me mad but what are you going to do. Alot of people have told us well maybe you're having twins. Well if I am I'll be happy it's not like I really get a choice in the matter lol.. So we'll see how things turn out come October.

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  1. how come on the baby ticker it says Elsie/Landon and on this post is says Sariah/Eli?