Friday, April 30, 2010

School again, well... at least I hope!

I've applied for the Paul Mitchell School to go through the cosmetology program. Something I have always wanted to do and now I get the opportunity to. I will say it was VERY interesting meeting the admissions guy and the financial aid. They were both DEFINITELY gay but it's par for a beauty school :P it will take a bit getting used to that, but I'm ok with it. They are all God's children. this is the link to the school.

I hopefully will be going to in Oct 13th! I'm really excited I just hope I can be as good as Sequoyah!! It will be night classes and will take me 2yrs to get through the program because you have to have 2000 hours. But I'll be going M-T from 5-10. I'll keep you all posted if I get in!

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