Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm SAVED!!!

After a BIG & LONG fiasco with Best Buy and the retards that work in Geek Squad (I don't recommend Geek Squad for ANYTHING) I finally got a replacement for my HP (NEVER buy one they are junk) and I got... *drum roll* A MacBook Pro 13" and OH is it NICE! I will never use anything else ever again! Totally and completely user friendly doesn't shove a bunch of unnecessary programs or sign up for this or yada yada yada crap. Just open and use! And with my pictures now all organized I will post up more things on my blog! Seeming how that the only reason most people read blogs is for pictures :)

It took me 3 days to go through them all but they are all organized and I deleted over 1500 pics that weren't needed or were of things the kids took. So needless to say let the posting BEGIN!

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