Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Zack

Goodnight :) it was his coming home outfit had monkey's on the feet of his pants.

SUPER long toes. If you stick your finger under his toes he will grip your finger :)

The "next" day as you would call it seeming how he was born at 11:55 pm on the 28th. And he's got wavy hair! 2 dipples one on each cheek.

5 minutes old :)
He was my most sleepy baby both of the girls were wide awake and very alert after birth. He didn't want to be :)
One of the better pics of me right after he was born :) I made sure we put the good one up lol

Well he's here and it's sad that he's almost 2 months old and I'm NOW just getting around to posting pictures of him and of the birth well afterwards any ways Ooops can we say slacker? I think yes :)

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  1. the last picture is a great picture of you. He is such a cutie! But then again, should I be surprised? All of you other kids are cuties too...