Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm BIG blog slacker!!!

Chocolate pie + Emily = 1 BIG mess, but a happy baby!
Too tired to eat. This was a Sunday after noon when I was making dinner and I turned around to see her passed out! Soo cute.
The girls' bunkbeds that we bought at IKEA only because Emily was crawling out of her crib she's growing up to quick.
Mini golf anyone? Yes this guy really had a mini golf patch on the back of his truck! I laughed when I saw it.
The happiest little girls I know.
I just love her wide grin.
Now, where is that toy?
Oh hi :) just playing don't mind me lol
This was the day she figured out how to climb up on the kitchen chairs, then on to the table... she's definatly my MONKEY!
Kaili's handy art work I found on our walls when I woke up to get them out of bed. It's Bob and Larry, if you couldn't tell lol. And when I went in Kaili said "Look Mommy it's pretty"
I thought this was weird, I pulled up behind someone who had manikin heads in their back window. Not sure why but hey if you like that kind of think lol.
Emily was a very cute monkey for Halloween this is probably one of the better pictures we had she wouldn't hold still long enough to get a decent picture, oh well the busy lives of babies :P
Kaili was Blue from "Blues Clues" she loves that show and I found this one at Kid 2 Kid for 4 bucks can't beat that!
We were priming our walls for fresh NEW paint (which has yet to be done:P) and I was standing behind the pan and thought "there's the paint pan behind me I should move a different direction" and well this is what happend lol Jason, and I laughed about it for awhile.
A fun trip to one of my favorite stores... IKEA!! :)
Kaili trying to be like mommy, and I was laughing sooo hard when I took this picture. I'm surprised it came out clear lol.
We'll start with this pic :) Kaili was up really late one night when I was down in AZ, and I was taking a bath she wanted to join in but decided to lay on top of the toilet and pass out instead. I had to laugh and took a picture with my phone :)